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Setup Helix Proxy (p4p) on Ubuntu 18.04

1. Download the p4p binary from with the usual linux options:

2. Do the same for the helix command line client (p4) which we’ll need to trust the cert from the server we’re connecting to.

3. From the folder you downloaded perforce to, mv the files to /bin and make them executable.

chmod +x p4{p,}
sudo mv p4{p,} /bin/

4. Trust the certificate for the server you’re connecting to.

p4 -p ssl: trust -y

5. Write a systemd service file to run the proxy.

Description=Start p4p proxy

#the verboseness of the log file set by -v goes up to 3
#tcp64:[::]:1668 just means port 1668 on the local host - and is fine for ipv4 and ipv6 here.  -r is the location to store cached files
ExecStart=/bin/p4p -p tcp64:[::]:1668 -t ssl: -r /var/proxy -L /var/log/p4p.log -v 1


6. Ensure the correct permissions on the service file and enable the service

chmod 644 /etc/systemd/system/p4p.service
systemctl daemon-reload 
systemctl enable p4p.service --now

7. Clients should now be able to connect to the remote server via the perforce proxy.